Friday 4 April 2014

bram, toulouse....

yet again the blog wouldn't let me log on. i'm beginning to wonder if google won't allow access from unsecured wifi in hotels. apart from that we had a lovely trip to a very windy bram where we saw an excellent photo exhibition of robert capa photographs from the spanish civil war.
the centre itself was a newly refurbished building with a very welcoming staff and volunteers and a strong smell of paint! afterwards in the face of a gale we took in the sights of bram
and passed a pleasant hour in the archeology museum then went off to look at the canal.
then it was back to toulouse to find the b and b hotel overlooking the canal du midi
so we could visit the chateau d'eau photo musee this morning. only problem was it is shut in the mornings! so we went for a walk and found ourselves close to les abbatoirs art gallery. an interesting building and full of modern art which always confuses or surprises. the water falling on the drum kit did just that!
we shared the space with excited creche and maternelle kids on a school visit. then it was back to pick up the car and head for gagnac.

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