Monday 19 May 2014

maidstone sunday am

Was hoping for a lie-in but lou did his usual trick of setting his alarm but forgetting his phone was still on french time so dragged from a lovely kip at 6.30! at least he got busy making me a cup of tea! The drive up on friday was sunny but there was a 'vent violent' all the way to paris. We made good time and sailed past beauvais, our intended stop for the night, at four in the afternoon. After several phone calls I managed to 'annule' the room at beauvais and book us into the b and b hotel at boulogne. The buffalo grill provided a good and reasonable evening meal and the bed at the b and b was surprisingly spacious. However lou didn't sleep well because of the hermetically sealed atmosphere of the room. The window had two option, tight shut or too wide for comfort or security! Generous breakfast and on to calais where we were able to get onto an earlier boat. By now the texts were flying thick and fast between gav on his bike riding from brighton and the family in maidstone who were heading to mote park for nephew taylor's picnic! No problems arriving at maidstone (but where was the promised bright sunshine?) where we hit the garden centre for seeds and garden products we can't find at home. Then to the grangemoor for drinks with a hot and hungry gavin before visiting mum. She was not as sleepy as feared after her lunch so we had a good visit before heading off to find the park and the family. Clutching a blanket, crisps, sarnies and drinks we finally found them and joined the fun. Lots of chat and lots of photos but missed the one where taylor, misunderstanding his mum, bit into the large wax number four candle! Around 4ish gav took his leave to begin the long pedal home and we took our goodbyes from all assorted nieces and nephews. Following shir and pete we found our way to a tesco for a cash machine and then, finally, checked in to the hilton. At this point I realised I had forgotten to pack my cossie but, undaunted, bought one from the health club and had a wonderfully relaxing swim. Later we had a bit of a fete with two of my siblings and partners plus three of their offspring in a cosy corner of the bar. A long day but a very rewarding one! Today, more to come and we have that bright sunshine at last!

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